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Americana on the wing: Timothy Jaromir releases “The Flying Jewel” EP

The spring of 2011 found Swiss musician Timothy Jaromir in Canada, where among other things he gave concerts in Vancouver and Toronto. His stay in the artistic mecca of Toronto led to a spontaneous decision to record some new songs. The result: the EP “The Flying Jewel”, to be released on October 11, 2011 on Vissen Records.

While Timothy Jaromir’s self-released debut album “Salton Sea” (2010) tended towards a subdued and somewhat introverted sound, “The Flying Jewel” revels in a more spontaneous and intuitive vibe. The sessions were overseen by producer David Gavan Baxter, who has turned the knobs for artists like Kathleen Maclellan, Bob Snider or Ron Sexsmith, and who can be heard himself on countless albums. The songs were recorded at Knob & Tube Recording, located in Baxter’s apartment in downtown Toronto.

The mood in Knob & Tube, says Jaromir, was special, almost magical. Vintage guitars hung on the walls, an old piano stood in the corner, while Baxter’s legendary, self-roasted coffee provided the final ingredient for a perfect working environment. The new songs came together easily, everything flowed organically, resulting in a harmonious sound.

The four songs were recorded over two days. The song “The Artist”, a showdown with the Mexican artist Theresa Margolles, was finished on the day of the recording, the song “Heartlines” quickly became a catchy favorite.

Arif Miralgbadi, of “Protest the Hero” fame, played bass, Daniel Niell played drums and Baxter handled the electric guitar. The enchanting harmonies of Canadian-Swiss singer Christina Maria give the four new songs a perfect finishing touch. The music has a relaxed, Americana feeling, bordering on country. The songs work well with Jaromir’s voice, which often reminds people of Crosby, Stills and Nash or Damien Rice.

As to the EP’s title, it seems a Canadian bird has made a lasting impression on Jaromir: “The Flying Jewel” is a reference to the native Kolibri, or hummingbird.

Timothy Jaromir: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
David Gavan Baxter: Electric Guitar, Tambourine
Christina Maria: Harmonies on all songs
Daniel Neill: Drums
Arif Mirabdolbaghi: Bass
Jason Sniderman: Keyboards, Piano

Recorded at Knob & Tube Recording in Toronto by David Gavan Baxter
Produced by David Gavan Baxter and Timothy Jaromir

Label: Vissen Records
Year: 2011

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